Iceland Memories is located at Laugavegur 64 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

"Nice simple idea”, "Wonderful gift", ”Clever”, "This is so adorable”, “Cute sheep”
These are some of the comments from our customers around the world. Heartfelt thanks to you for your kind words, smiles, and joyful happiness with our products. You really made my day! So wonderful moments to see all these lovely customers.

We feel privileged and grateful to produce this product which can make people feel happy. Your happiness is the real benefit we got. We make this product with care and love. We just hope this feeling will get through from the product in your hands.

Sheep story

In 2012: I made the first sheep from real wool and put them on a card and gave to a friend. “Mai” is her name and she runs a photo gallery in the main shopping street in Reykjavik, Iceland. She put my card on the front desk in the shop. When her customer came in they saw the card and asked if they could buy it. My friend got this question often so she suggested to me "why don't you just make this sheep concept and sell them?" 

Then the story began, from the power of giving. 

Thank you my dear friends “Mai”, also “Debby” and my family who are behind my success. Most of all, thank you lovely customer for your support. All our sheep products are handmade and we are really sure they are fresh from farm!

The founder Patra Tawatpol

Art & graphic designer from Bangkok, Thailnd. Now based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Created the "Iceland Memories" sheep product business. Has been working and enjoying nature life here for almost 17 years. Loves drawing, painting, designing, crafting and reading.

Her work is inspired from nature and from people around her. She enjoys life creating and making craft as a piece of art which make people feel happy and which they can take home as memories. Each artwork she makes reflect her meditative focusing. She says "working on art I feel free like I am in a moment of comfort".

Q & A

What is the path of your success story?
Patra: “Well.. I was quite struggling. I remember that moment when I started to produce the sheep product. On a snow storm day I took my product, walked in the heavy snow to visit the first shop. I presented the product I had made with hope and confidence. Unfortunately I got denied. At the time I felt sad and disappointed. I just thought maybe the product is not the right kind for the market. Later I almost stopped this project but before I made the decision to stop I asked myself, should I have another try? So I went to another shop and went here and there. Then finally they accepted my product to sell there! Now my sheep products are popular and travelling around the world. I am now happy to say that even though the path at the beginning was not easy, it was not too difficult. Keep trying, continue and move on and the storm will be gone away eventually” :)

What is the thing that you are most proud of?
Patra: The happiness I sense from my customers when they see my products and smile. Much thanks to them.

Anything more that you would like to share?
Patra: Creativity. Everyone have their own creativity, not only artists. Any kind of people's work with positive and creative spirit that make this world more beautiful, that is a great piece of work. I am glad if my little work is among one of them.

What is the best way to explain your character?
Patra: Humble :)